Stock Helms

Archers Helm

Archers Helm
A modified version of a Kettle Helm, ideally suited for combat archery.

Back Point Bascinet

Often called "The work horse of the SCA", an elegant design used all over Europe by the English, French, and Germans.
This helm offers great glancing surfaces, great visibility, and breath-ability as will.

Barbarian with Horse Tail

What can I say? You want a wild looking helm, This is it!


Stylized version of a wonderful Italian Helm
Offers open front for visibility and air.

Heavy List Combat Archers Helm

A beefed up version of our Archers Helm.

Kettle Helm

Probably the most used design in medieval history, almost every country used these helms.

Munitions Bascinet

Called upon to build an affordable "starter helm", I couldn't bring myself to sell a cheap piece of junk helm (as many starter helms are)
My solution was to offer a painted version of my regular "Back Point Bascinet".

Norman Helm

High creased Norman Helm
A rugged Norse style helm, great visibility and ventilation

Norman Style "B"

A more stylized version of the "High creased Norman" helm.

Persian Helm

Hammered finish onion top design - Classic Style

Roman Trooper Helm

A very rugged version of the "Roman" style helm


Early period ridge top Sallet
Sleek swept back design with flip visor

T-Slot Barbute

A greatly stylized version of the fifteenth century Italian helm.
The design is one of my favorites, offering a menacing yet wonderfully attractive look.