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These tools are available for pick up at Pennsic or any other event I will be at, or at my shop in Maine. I am also willing to ship.

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Tea Kettle Stake, also called an "Art Metal Horse"

Tea Kettle Stake, also called an “Art Metal Horse”

“Tea Kettle Stake” – Also called an “Art Metal Horse” stake designed to hold smaller stake “Heads” at different levels 18″ tall 28″ long, has 1 1/4″ square receivers on the ends.

Heavy, hand forged              $150.00




Bar Anvil

“Bar Anvil” Two sided, one flat, one rounded, mounts either way. Hefty cast construction. Gets you into hard to reach places. 33″ long, 2″ wide, 6″: Mounting Stakes

Heavy     $125.00



Armorer Swage Block

Armorers swage block:  

13 3/4″x7″x4″, dishing bowls  are 3″, 4 1/2″, and 5 1/2″, tapered vambrace form, open and closed end finger swages, shipping weight 69 lbs.

I will only list these when I have one in stock ready to ship as the foundry price keeps rising.

Now: $300

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