Barbarian with Horse Tail

Barbarian with Horse Tail

What can I say? You want a wild-looking helm, this is it!

Heavy construction, great visibility and a bit of dead animal trim

Available with:


Slat back                                      (add $50.00)

Custom bar grill work                (see custom helm gallery for ideas) (price by request)

12 Gage top

14 Gage sides

1/4″ Bar grill work

Mild steel                                      $335.00

Stainless steel                               $440.00

About horse tails:

Tails are replaceable, not permanent. They will come apart with age and abuse. Tails are not tanned leather, they are dried rawhide. Real tails sometimes smell like where they come from (the hind end of a horse).

Tails should not be allowed to stay wet for extended periods. Tails are held on with a receiver and steel wire and easy to replace.


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