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Things to know before you order a helm:

ALL custom helms (helm built to your size and/or specs) are NOT returnable.

I do NOT guarantee a delivery date on order, I DO give a time estimate that I try to adhere to.

The only reason I will accept a helm return is if I built it to the wrong size. I add room for 3/4″ of padding all around and build to plus or minus 1/8″ of this standard. I try my best to be spot on.

I build all helms by hand and the result is a hand made product with inherent imperfections. These may include but are not limited to: slightly irregular lines, small pitting or scratches in the finish or the occasionally missed rough edge. My helms are not perfect, don’t expect them to be.

I try to be as competitive as I can with pricing, I do this by building a lot of helms. Admittedly I could spend more time on each helm and build a better looking product, but then I would have to charge more.

My goal is to build good helms at a reasonable price so more people can afford them. I build a sturdy helm that exceed SCA standards. They last a long time and they are in my opinion a good value for the price.

Please do your homework and ask around, I’ve built thousands of helms in the last 30 years, there are plenty of people who have an opinion on their quality.

By placing your order you are agreeing with my terms and understand that your helm, as you receive it, is yours and not returnable. If you just want to try it out or need more assurance please go to another armorer.

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