Ironmonger Armory – Est. 1988

A Pennsic Merchant Since Pennsic 18

IronMongerArmory is a small armory with a big history of building quality armor.

Eric has been a blacksmith/armorer for more than 30 years with a wide range of metalwork experience.


His specialty is building custom helms, so please feel free to make special requests. Each helm is an individual project made to the fighters measurements and customized to fit their individual sense of style. Currently, building 90 – 100 finished helms a year , not to mention, scores of tops, parts and tooling. His shop still keeps the waiting time down to just a few weeks, in most cases.
We build everything we sell and we don’t sell imported items, especially when

we need and can do the work here in the U.S. Spending our money in this country, providing jobs for Americans, and generally not taking part in the “Global Economy”, which in my opinion, isn’t working too well for most of us anyway.

This is not an online store, we have no “shopping cart” system, no point and click to order and never will.
In fact, Ironmonger Armory is only one craftsman. When you place an order you contact Eric, not a machine. I know it’s a little old fashion, you might even call it medieval… but it’s how I do things.

Dishing forms are back! (almost) long awaited order expected in mid May. Pre-order now, quantities limited.

Please take a look.

If you don’t see what you want, ask me.

I’ll build it!