Custom Hammers

The hammers I build are specifically for armoring and other “heavy metal” forming. I do not copy hammers that were produced by large companies in the past or present, rather I build one of a kind “wish list” hammers, The hammers armorers dream of finding if only they  existed.They are generally scaled up to real usable sizes to actually move metal, steel, stainless steel, heavy gage copper and brass. Your not going to build the statue of Liberty with a 60 gram hammer or raise a helm top with a jewelers hammer, you need real tools.

Because of time constraints in my shop schedule, I have had to discontinue making custom hammers on demand. I do however still build tooling to take to events and for internet sales.

During the winter months (December – April) I will be listing several hammers and other tools each week on EBay. I use seller name “Phacops57” You can find my listings by either looking under “blacksmith/tinsmith” or by doing an “advanced search” and looking under “find items by seller”. I generally post new items on Thursday nights.

Please take a look, you never know what might show up. I will also continue bringing tools to events throughout the year.

If you have any questions please go to the “Contact Us” page and let us know!