Back Point Bascinet

Back Point Bascinet

Often called “The work horse of the SCA“, an elegant design used all over Europe by the English, French, and Germans.

This helm offers great glancing surfaces, great visibility, and breath-ability as well.

Many variations are possible, so please look at the custom helm gallery for ideas.

Available with:

Center top crease – front to back (add $10.00)

Slat Back                                       (add $50.00)

Clap visor (prices depend on style, see gallery)

Revels for adding an “Aventail”      (add $40.00)

Special cut out for glasses               (no charge)

12 Gage welded top

14 Gage welded on sides

1/4″ thick bar grill, riveted on

Mild steel – fixed grill                        $300.00

Mild steel – flip visor                         $335.00

Stainless steel – fixed grill                $420.00

Stainless steel – flip visor                  $450.00


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